Learning with stop motion animation
During the production of the Documentary “A freedom to learn” , in a 5 months stay at the Rishi Valley School (Andhra Pradesh, India), several educational workshops were made for the children in the school.
One example is :

Stop Motion animation and the Solar System

A multigrade workshop design to learn and discover in a practical way the main characteristics of the solar system and the cinema. Children built planet models, which were displayed on the floor. A photography was taken and then the planets were moved to the next position in their modeled orbits. After a set of dozens of moves, we could do a movie, as a stop motion animation of the planets orbiting the sun.
Children could learn main concepts of:
planets diameters
planets orbiting periods, distances and relative positions
stop motion animation and cinema, basic concepts of photography and animation.

See these videos for details:

“The Making of” the workshop:

The animation, before background removal:

The final animation:

Download the power point presentation of this workshop:

Stop Motion Animation Project, Rishi Valley School