For the last months (almost years…) I have been developing multitouch hardware and software:
Multitouch setups and software with the aim of playing music in an interactive and new way, be able to create new sounds in real time, etc.
Another main aim is be able to make people and kids learn about music in an interactive, intuitive and funny way. With this setup and software it is also possible to extend this aim to other fields, as science, etc.

So we (my brother and I) began to make “Tangiblex”, a small and enthousiastic company that tries to develop Multitouch solutions.
We already have our first hardware, and a few applications, all of them related with music.
Tangiblex.LiveSet is an application to play Ableton Live Sets in a multitouch, graphical and interactive way, deeply inspired by the “Reactable”.
Visit tangiblex’s web site:

Tangiblex is a Start Up company, and we are releasing our first software and hardware to the commercial world….

Please, watch these videos about Tangiblex.Alive using our hardware (the old version one):