A Freedom to Learn is a documentary made in 2008 in Andhra Pradesh, India. In a 6 months stay in the Rishi Valley School we made this documentary about a new Multigrade Multilevel Methodology, which I thought to be very useful to bring a “freedom to learn” in rural schools (and others) all over the world.
I filmed, edited, made the technical script, co-directed, recorded sounds and off voice, postproduced, dvd authored, etc. this documentary.

Here you can watch the documentary in low resolution format:

A Freedom To Learn from Miguel Vázquez-prada on Vimeo.

Please visit this website to know more about this amazing mothodology:

What they said about the documentary:

“The film traces the origins of RIVER’s history and elaborates the various aspects of the MGML Methodology. Shot entirely on locations in our own Satellite Schools, the authenticity of the unfolding story of RIVER is unquestionable. There is an introduction by Radhika akka on the need for developing rural education in this area. The Directors, RIVER, Padmanabha and Rama Rao explain, in some detail, this memorable journey…. continue to read in link